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Stacy Kuo
CEO of Oasis Group
Oasis Capital Group
  Executive Managing Director 

Oasis Group Executive Officer

Executive Director of Oasis Capital

Stacy has accumulated more than 20 years of professional experience and contacts in American accounting firms, private banking, asset management, and other occupations. Since 2014, she has been the representative of the largest international public & private equity real estate fund in the United States in Greater China, specializing in direct and indirect investments by institutional investors, single or multi-family offices, foundations, and the sovereign fund from Asia to the Americas.


Stacy holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and entered the financial industry. 

She used to work in international institutions such as Koo, Chow & Co., LLP. Accounting Firm, Smith Barney (now Morgan Stanley), and American Express.  Ms. Kuo specializes in global asset allocation, areas such as private real estate funds, alternative funds, asset securitization, multi-family offices, etc. She also contributes her experiences to EMBA courses and actively participates in philanthropy.

Fred Shyur
Oasis Group Executive Director
Oasis Capital Group Executive Managing Director

Executive Director of Oasis Group

Executive Managing Director of Oasis Capital

Mr.Shyur is a very seasoned senior banker with over 26 years of banking experience.
Mr.Shyur is currently an Executive Director of Oasis Capital Group and Executive Managing Director of Oasis Capital Group Hong Kong Office.

Before he joined Oasis Capital Group, Mr.Shyur had held various senior roles with the following international banks:

  • Executive General Manager, Custody Department, Financial Institutions & Public Sector and Global Cash Management Sales, respectively, at China CITIC Bank (International);

  • Executive General Manager (president), CITIC Bank International (China) Limited;

  • Senior Vice President, Head of Financial Institutions & Transaction Banking, China CITIC Bank (International);

  • Senior Vice President, Regional Head of Financial Institutions Sales, Asia Pacific, HSBC (Hong Kong base).     

  • Director, Regional Head of Correspondent Banking Sales, Asia Pacific, Citibank (Hong Kong base)0.     

  • Vice President, Department Head of Correspondent Banking Sales, Financial Institutions, Citibank, Taipei.     

Bernand Li
KSJ Education  Managing Director and principal
Executive Managing Director and Principal of KSJ Education

Mr. Li Jianqiu was the former Chair Professor and Principal of the Department of Philosophy of Fu Jen Catholic University, and was also the Director of the Big Entrance Examination (College Entrance Examination Center) Center. President Li has been invited to teach in top universities such as Peking University EMBA and Nanjing University as a master-level visiting professor. It is also the object of frequent consultation of the world's top 500 companies, and many schools and enterprises have invited them to set up philosophy management courses to share.


Principal Li serves as the chairman and principal of KSJ Education, and is committed to developing Life Long lifelong learning training courses for all ages, helping more enterprises to manage and plan their careers, laying a solid foundation, and cultivating with the spirit of progress and innovation, and sustainable development. Principal Lai, who is educating, is also devoted to the field of philosophical management courses. As an excellent manager's thinking, he defines management with unique insights on different levels of human nature, group interaction, corporate institutions and family individuals, and various cognitions through philosophy. , To achieve more effective leadership, interaction and decision-making analysis based on philosophical basis in-depth management and planning, and to accurately analyze and judge the trend with its rich experience.


  • Pope Benedict XVI canonizes Professor Lai Jianqiu as a knight of the Knights of the Pope Gregory and the Holy Sepulchre

  • The Knights of the Knights were awarded the "Purple Ribbon King Star Medal" by Mr. Ma Ying-jeou in 2012 at the President of Fu Jen Catholic University

  • During his tenure, the Fu Jen Catholic University Global Alumni Association was established, and the School of Education, the School of Communication, and the groundbreaking of the Fu University Hospital were newly established.

  • Chairman of Life Education Foundation Chairman of Chinese Philosophy Society

Jasmine Lin
Oasis Capital Group  Director
Director of Oasis Capital

Jasmine has lived in Australia since she was a child, specializing in law, real estate, construction law, and engineering management. After her studies, she returned to Taiwan and began to contact Camp Touch. She experienced the tempering of an architect firm and participated in the Xinyi District Light Rail Transit BOT project. Student at National Taiwan University Dormitory BOT case, Taipei Sports Park large indoor gym development case, Jinan University Health Center, Specialized in the new construction park of Hsinchu Hospital attached to National Taiwan University; urban renewal, art management construction in New Taipei City, etc. Familiar with single project participation, participated in the management of multiple construction projects, especially large-scale government BOT cases, special project development management, after more than 10 years of construction projects Experienced, have an excellent and special performance in the industry
Jasmine's studies and expertise are in real estate and construction law, special project development management, etc.


Education: Master of Construction Law, University of Melbourne, Australia, Master of Real Estate and Engineering Management, University of Melbourne, Australia, Diaobao Jinsheng University, South Africa, former researcher assistant of Dr. Helen Lingard, University of Malben, Australia, Associate of Chengshu Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., World Bioenergy Management planning team and office assistant, director of Oasis Capital Group - legal affairs and project development planning, etc.


1. Career, family and work environment determinants of organizational commitment

among women in the Australian construction industry; Helen Lingard; Jasmine Lin;

Construction Management and Economics, 1466-433X, Volume 22, Issue 4, 2004, Pages409 – 420

2. Managing motherhood in the Australian construction industry; Lingard, H. & Lin,

J. (2003); Australian Journal of Construction Economics and Building. 3: pp. 15-24.

Chinwei Chow
Oasis Capital Group  Director
Director of Oasis Capital

Mr.Chow has a PMP project management certificate and a master's degree in hotel management from ESSEC Business School in Paris. He is a Singapore certified public accountant and has more than 25 years of experience in project management, asset and wealth management, and education promotion. He has held management positions in Alexander Group, Taiwan California Fitness, American I-financial Group and Shanghai Yiyuan Education. Deeply cultivated in Greater China and Southeast Asia, with rich experience and connections

Gene Chen   
Oasis Capital Director

Mr. Chen Youwen is one of the earliest professional elites who brought the concept of asset allocation and inheritance into the Greater China region and contributed his professional experience. The international financial environment has undergone tremendous changes over the past three decades. The international financial flow control is becoming more and more strict, and the secrecy of financial information is also revealed with the new CRS standard. The planning direction of family wealth inheritance has been transferred from the early tax-free paradise tax planning to tax-saving financial products combined with trust planning. Focusing on long-term stable and diversified portfolios and avoiding risks are the main axes of inheritance planning.



  • Bermuda Asset Preservation Trust Scheme FA

  • GinsGlobal Index Fund  GA

  • National Western Life  GA  

  • Body and Mind Education Public Welfare IDTV System Platform  sponsor

  • Taiwan Laozi Hengdao Society  Vice President

  • December Flower Village Hometown Care Association  earth gardener

Peter Wang

Oasis Capital USA Western Team Director

Peter Wang has been a financial consultant for over 20 yrs. He helps his individual
clients stay focused with their financial goals with a holistic approach. With
detailed client profiling and deep understanding of clients’ unique financial
planning needs, Peter builds diversified portfolios that tailor to each individual
As an asset allocation and retirement planning specialist, Peter understands the importance of diversification. He guides his clients to achieve optimal benefits of diversification, through proper asset allocation tactics and strategies.



  •  Bank of the West Investment Services, Financial Advisor

  • Cathay Bank – PrimeVest Financial – ING, Financial Advisor

  • Charles Schwab&Co. INC., Investment Specialist

  • JP Morgan Chase, Vice President Financial Advisor

Zih Ying, Lin 
Oasis Group Research Team Director

Lin Zihying graduated with a Ph.D. from the Department of Finance of Central University, Taiwan. She was a full-time associate professor at Hunan University and now Fu Jen Catholic University. Specializing in options, fixed income, international finance, digital currency and other fields; there are also many journal works in the academic field.

- Taiwan Science and Technology Project 109-2410-H-030-018-Research and Analysis on the Dispersion of Remuneration of Senior Management Team by Stock Option Trading-Host 

- Taiwan Science and Technology Project 108-2410-H-030-002- Research and Analysis of Option Trading on the Compensation Ratio of Managers and Employees - Moderator 

- 2018 Youth Program in Education, Humanities and Social Sciences - A Study on the Quality of Company Patent Rights Considering Investor Sentiment - Moderator

Academic Paper Award:
2020 Taiwan Finance Annual Conference Paper Award
2019 Taiwan Financial and Financial Annual Conference Paper Award
2017 Taiwan Futures Exchange Doctoral Dissertation Award 
2016 National Taiwan Central University President's Award 
2016 Taiwan Finance Annual Conference Best Paper Award 
2015 Taiwan Financial and Financial Annual Conference Paper Award 
2013 Award for Doctoral Dissertation Writing for Doctoral Candidates in Humanities and Social Sciences

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